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Architectural Diagnostics, Ltd.’s (ADL) principal actives are building diagnostics and repair, expert witness consulting and problem solving for architecture and construction related issues. The firm's goal is to provide competent professional services with emphasis on technical investigation and problem solving. A principal goal is to establish and maintain the reputation of ADL as one of the best firms in its field, and to make each client a supporter and future reference for other projects as well as a source of repeat business.

ADL was established by Jim Reinhardt, AIA, CDT, in 1989, to investigate, analyze and develop remedial measures for construction-related problems. Jim was previously with TRB/Hawaii, Ltd. before deciding to specialize in this field of service.
What We Do

ADL has represented home owners, Apartment Owner Associations, architects, contractors, developers, bonding companies, manufacturers and material suppliers. Over the history of the firm, our work has been roughly evenly divided between work related to construction defect disputes and work to repair damaged buildings.

ADL does not design new buildings or even remodel existing buildings; our practice is limited to the investigation, analysis and repair of problems in existing buildings. We are specialists in that area. Our work includes:
  • Waterproofing problems- roofs, parking and plaza decks, windows, walls, curtain wall systems, coatings, and below-grade waterproofing,
  • Materials deterioration- concrete spalling, concrete surface failures, reinforcing rust, plaster cracking, paint failures, wood decay, hardboard siding deterioration, EIFS defects and such,
  • Design and construction defect investigation, including identification, documentation, testing, and analysis of as-built conditions, analysis of construction documentation.
  • Determination of compliance with building codes and other standards.
  • Termite infestation of wood-framed structures,
  • Mold contamination in buildings,
  • Expert witness support,
  • Problems that defy categorization.

The problems we are asked to become involved with are frequently extremely technical in nature. We don't always have all of the expertise necessary to deal with all of the problems encountered in today's complex world of construction, but we know where to find world class specialists who do, and we can describe construction problems in terms that these "super-experts" can work with, and can transform their recommendations into remedial proposals that the client can understand and the contractor can build.

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